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Lindsay Lohan in Proactiv Solution Commercial

Proactive Solution helps Lindsay Lohan and helps every day to keep her skin perfect.
Named best acne treatment by allure magazine.
With Proactiv proven three step system (cleanse, tone, repair) you can heal acne today and prevent future breakouts tomorrow!
Lindsay keeps one even in her car for emergency situations!

Stuff in video commercial:
lindsay lohan, proactiv skin care, […]

Dove Self-Esteem Fund Video Commercial

Pretty nice girl tells that she wants to be skinny because she is in the middle and does not want to be that way! Some girl thinks her legs are not ok.
Too skinny, too fat, children don’t look inside a person but they look if they are sexy or not.
Things won’t change until we […]

Dove Evolution Makeup Commercial

Watch how a relatively plain woman gets transformed into a supermodel with nothing but a good make over and a little bit of Photoshop editing!
No wonder our preception of beauty is distorted.
Commercial from the dove self-esteem fund.
Ogilvy Toronto. Tim Piper, Mike Kirkland, Janet Kestin, Nancy Vonk. Directed by T Piper (treatment and post production) […]


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